Hey there!

28871041_10212918051118389_5394380620564529152_nI’m Adrienne, and this is my site!

With a wide variety of interests, I use this space to jot down thoughts and critiques I have about art, books, movies, music, philosophy, and overall life. You can check those out under the quotes header!

As a current candidate for an MA in Critical Theory, I spend a lot of time thinking about my interests and how they will correlate into a thesis topic and eventual paper. It’s clear to see from my site that I have a very large interest in pop culture and trends.

If you’d like to follow my current topic idea, check out the Creative Dissonance category under the projects tab.

Alongside my website, I also post everything on Medium. In fact, if you read something you like here, make sure to click through to read the entire article on Medium. If you read something you like while on Medium, make sure to click the clapping hands at the end of the article. You can even clap up to fifty times for one article if you REALLY like it, and I hope you do!

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