Every theory class I’ve ever taken starts out the same way.

A study of Hegel, and then on to Karl Marx, the never-ending masculinity of the Frankfurt school, through Jacques Derrida, and usually ending somewhere around Michel Foucault before reaching any sort of female philosopher.

Every class, this is the syllabus.

I don’t discredit the importance of learning the history of philosophy as a way to understand our world today.

These philosophers each paved a way for the theorists that would come after them. Karl Marx was heavily influenced by Hegel, the Frankfurt school by Marx, and the three together most definitely played some sort of role in Derrida and Foucault’s (known enemies) research.

In fact, the work of Hegel and Marx is especially prominent in the world of philosophy and critical theory to this day.

Regardless of how prominent their work is, they were far from perfect. Read more.